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Poff - Christmas Edition

Poff is a fun logic game where you should match the falling objects into lines of three. The goal is to complete the unique objective of each level.

The goal of Poff is to arrange the falling blocks in a line of similar blocks. When at least three blocks are aligned horizontally, vertically or diagonally they disappear and any blocks above fall down.

In order to reach the next level you should try to make blocks disappear of the same type as those piled upon each other on the right side of the window. Each level features its own graphics and its own task. For example, in the first level you should try to light all the balls in the Christmas tree.

Beware of the bad block. Some levels have a block that will do the reverse thing compared to the rest of the blocks. Try to avoid making bad blocks disappear in order to reach the next level as quickly as possible. Bad blocks will also reduce your score, so generally, they are really bad.


Latest Version: 1.4

Size: 1403 kb

Poff $9.90