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Poff is a fun logic game where you should match the falling objects into lines of three. The goal is to complete the unique objective of each level. Every level features its own graphics and items.


A very attractive yahtzee game. Designed to look nice and be easy and fun to play.


An easy to play Tetris game. Very customizable, you may use your own graphics in the game.

All In One Yahtzee

Told by many to be the best yahtzee game for Windows. Features different rules like original American rules, Swedish, Maxi (6 dice), Triple (3 columns) and Kismet (colors).

StarBlaster - minigame

A tiny, tiny little space shooter game. Very minimalistic, only 96x44 pixels in two colors but still a lot fun.




Bitmap Font Writer

Bitmap Font Writer let you draw text using an own made bitmapped font.


LogMerger is a free program that let you merge any number of logfiles into a single file and still maintain the same chronological order.

WAP Prototype Maker

WAP Prototype Maker is a tool to quickly generate a set of WML pages.


A log analysis tool which gather statistics about browser and OS from the users of a webpage.


With HTML2Table you can convert HTML tables without all the HTML tags to delimited tables which you then easily can import into Excel or a database.


Convert tab and comma delimited tables (from Word documents for example) to HTML tables.




Black Jack

Small, neat and tidy Black Jack game for the Palm.