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Here you will find support related information. Do also note that all applications have their own help which is reachable through the Help-menu when the application is running.

Important note to registered users!
With the release of the new versions of All In One Yahtzee, DiceDeluxe, Poff and YourTris the registration codes had to be changed. To retrieve your new Registration Key (free of charge), please enter your e-mail address in the Resend Registration Information form below.

Download and Installation Help
All products are distributed as downloadable executable files. After you've downloaded the file, simply run the file and a setup dialogue will let you choose where the software should be installed.

General Help
If you've got any problem with a product, make sure you've got the latest version. Choose "About" in the menu "Help" in the application to see you current version. The latest version of each product is displayed on the product's page in the right column at the top.

If the problem persist or if there are any other unclarities please consult the Help-document. You may access the Help-document by choosing the "Help" option in the menu "Help" in the application.

Lost or Old Registration Key - Get a new one here!
If you've lost your Registration Key which is needed to register a program, you may automatically retrieve it here. Simply enter the same e-mail address as you used when you did your purchase, press OK, and the registration information will be automatically sent to you.

For Hattrick Manager users, please go here instead.

Resend Registration Information
E-mail address used in order: