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The concept of YourTris is probably something youíve seen before. "Oh no, not yet another one of those Tetris clones", you might think. Well, yes, itís yet another game similar to the original Tetris, but hopefully the similarities between YourTris and other Tetris clones will end there.

The primary goal of YourTris is to be a Tetris like game which looks, sounds and behaves like you want it to do. If youíre one of those Tetris addicts youíve probably checked out tons of other Tetris games and found that either you didnít like the sound, it was too small, too big or it simply just looked really ugly. With YourTris you will not have this problem, because you may customize both sound, look and behaviour.


Latest Version: 1.2

Size: 363 kb

YourTris $9.90