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Here you'll find information, latest versions, support pages, and everything else concerning the shareware and freeware software created by Stefan Pettersson.

Please note that most activities regarding my main application happens at

Hattrick Manager v2.34
July 2nd, 2004

New version of Hattrick Manager released. Hattrick Manager is a kind of assistant tool to the very popular (free) online soccer management game Hattrick.

New versions
January 8th, 2004

Minor updates has been made and new versions of DiceDeluxe, All In One Yahtzee, YourTris and Poff - Christmas Edition is available for download.

If you are a registered user, please not that you have to retrieve a new registration key (free ofcourse) in order to register the new versions.

Bitmap Font Writer v1.3
September 1st, 2003

New version of Bitmap Font Writer available for download.

Hattrick Manager v2.10
August 12th, 2003

Some major features is introduced in the new version of Hattrick Manager. Just released and available at the Hattrick Manager site.

Black Jack v1.0 for Palm
May 31th, 2003

In an attempt to experiment more with PalmOS I made a small and neat Black Jack game (available as freeware).

DiceDeluxe v1.3
May 8th, 2003

A new version of DiceDeluxe has been released and made available for download.

Site Update
October 14th, 2002

Finally - the new site is launched! Completely new design as well as content. Besides the site, new versions of All In One Yahtzee, DiceDeluxe, Poff and YourTris are released and available for download.



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